Born in Atlanta, raised in Alpharetta, spending 8 years of his adult life in San Diego, and coming off of a four year road trip around America, Holt has recently decided to set down some roots. He chose Chattanooga, TN because of its thriving arts community and the city’s upward growth and commitment to the arts as a whole. With a varied and interesting background inFine Art photography and digital imaging, Holt now brings a new style of art and imagery to the Southeast…

“I’ve spent the past four years traveling for my Vanishing America Project, where I used my skill as a photographer and writer to promote conservation and raise awareness about our culture, our wildlife, and our landscape. This solo project allowed me to explore my creative talents in Fine Art Photography, leading to the next step in my evolution as an artist – the expansion of my photography from traditional B&W prints to full color photo paintings on textured materials. This work, titled “Sentire“, consists of photographic digital “paintings” printed on a variety of media from canvas to sheets of rusty metal. Working from my own original photographs, I manipulate each image with digitally overlaid textures. The images are then printed on a variety of surfaces and I apply the finishing touches myself by painting over each image with a gel to simulate traditional artistic textures. My work involves traditional photography, digital imaging, digital printing and the touch of the artists’ hand — a combination rarely found in two-dimensional artistic media today. This approach makes a very subtle statement about the technological times in which we live yet still maintains ties to traditional artistry. What separates this new body of work from any other “mixed” media is that it is digital from start to near-completion, with the human hand applying the finishing touches, making it almost indistinguishable from a traditional oil painting. It involves the camera, the computer, the digital printer and that staple of artists through the centuries… the paintbrush. But, for all of its technology, this work also embraces an environmentally-conscious sensibility, for each image will be printed on a wide variety of surfaces (specifically recycled wood panels and metal sheets), creating a technological hybrid of image and tactile creation that helps define a new genre of wall art while embracing the time-honored traditions of photographers and painters alike.”

Each piece of Holt’s new Sentire collection is unique and is created with materials and design input from the client to allow that client to bond with the artwork and know that it is, indeed, their own.

Each image can be printed on a nearly unlimited variety of surfaces ranging from 8 x 8 inches to 4ft x 8ft and up to 2″ thick. The most popular choices are canvas, textured art board and rusty sheets of metal.

If you have a cityscape, landscape, portrait, or other idea that you would like Holt to create for you, custom pieces can be commissioned by contacting Holt directly.

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